Australian massage

Aside from conventional massages, neckAttack® offers the Australian massage. An Australian massage lasts between 5 and 10 minutes and is carried out on clothing in the shoulder and neck area. The massaged sit on the office chair, the bar stool or any other seat. A special massage chair is not necessary.

This form of quick and particularly pleasant massage is particularly popular with the Mass massage or Event massage valued.

Australian massage at a glance

  • 5-10 minute massages in the shoulder / neck area on clothing
  • The price of the Australian massage is only € 59, - per hour including VAT (2 hour minimum booking - unfortunately only in Berlin at the moment.
  • The journey is free within the neckAttack® cities
  • Very suitable for events and functions
  • Perfect for the office and at work
  • The (!) Goodie for your customers and employees!

Our wellness masseurs and trained Physiotherapists come to your office for this, at your event, in your company, on your exhibition stand, etc.

Do You Have Questions? We would be happy to advise you in person and make you an offer tailored to your needs. Call: 0800-3380380

bar massage berlin

Where is Australian massage used?

Our customers order this type of massage from us if they either have little space, little time or just want a quick massage in between without much effort with appointments or room reservations. It is perfect for any party where guests have the opportunity to sit down. We rarely use Australian massage in companies, but we have a few good and large companies that are exclusively into this type of massage from us.

Another possibility to use the Australian massage is the doctorate. Companies book mobile masseurs in addition to their respective activities in order to get more attention and a better, healthier image. Potential customers are also kept longer at the respective sales stand or action location

How expensive is the Australian massage?

Since no massage chair or other equipment is required, this massage is cheaper than other types of massage. The length of the massage (5-10 minutes) also benefits the price, as masseurs have it easy to learn this technique. With a little practice, they will quickly become professionals. It goes without saying that we at neckattack only send you professionals with at least 2 years of experience in the relevant technology.

How is the Australian massage ordered?

Either simply by phone on 08003 380 380 (free of charge from the German landline network) or by email at or that for short here Fill out Form. Usually we will then make you an individual offer on the same day so that you have something in writing in hand. We look forward to your inquiry!