Australian massage with Indian: relaxation in Berlin

neckattack Berlin

Typically Berlin and multi-cultural: the neckattack day provided guests with a short Australian massage for relaxation in an Indian restaurant. The free drink provided even more relaxation for everyone who had registered in advance for neckattack day.

Exotic ambience, relaxing massage

On January 28.1.2016, 80 the first neckattack day took place in the Indian restaurant Amrit in Berlin Mitte. Around XNUMX people had registered in advance to enjoy a free Australian massage with a free drink at the perfect end of the day. Our Berlin City Manager had brought two masseuses with him to pamper the guests directly on the chairs of the restaurant. Also the owner of the restaurant Amrit was happy about the event, as well as we were happy about the best cooperation and would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for it!

neckattack Berlin

Photo wall for star photos

An additional highlight of the evening was the large photo wall with neckattack lettering, in front of which the guests could take pictures. A good opportunity for everyone to pose like stars and starlets and take souvenir photos of an all-round successful evening in an exotic, relaxing atmosphere. From 19 p.m. to 21 p.m. the focus was entirely on relaxation, which was perhaps also due to the fact that the delicious Indian dishes put so many in a holiday mood.

neckattack Berlin

Daily bar massage in Berlin

Not all 80 people who had registered for the neckattack day via our website or Facebook were actually there. Anyone who missed neckattack day can still enjoy an after-work massage in various bars in Berlin - every day! Our neckattack masseurs are out and about for you every day and offer mobile massage. The locations where our team can usually be found from 20:30 p.m. are shown on a map: Map

neckattack Berlin

Mobile Australian massage XNUMX/XNUMX

Of course our team is "mobile massage Berlin”Not only out and about in bars, restaurants and pubs in the evening, but mainly at trade fairs, events, congresses and in companies to offer a short, vitalising break. Over 40 neckattacks from wellness masseurs and physiotherapists are available in Berlin - every day, including weekends and around the clock! So how about a massage that nobody has to wait for in the bar until the end of the day, but instead directly at the exhibition stand or in the office? A little energy boost in between motivates and invigorates! Our team has even more ideas for using mobile massage in Berlin!

Order a massage

To order us to the office or to an event, a short call is sufficient (free of charge at 08003 380380) or an email ( - we will make you an offer that you cannot refuse!