Aromatic massage | Effects of massage with essential oils

Aromatic massage

Aromatic massage 1Aromatic massage

Again and again one reads about "aroma massage", but there is not really "the" aroma massage par excellence. The term merely describes the combination of beneficial wellness massage or healing medical massage and aromatherapy. Combining two healing methods can lead to greater success. We explain how!

Aromatic massage with essential oils

This massage is based on the active principle of essential oils, the active ingredients of which are absorbed through the skin during the massage and passed on through the nose to the brain. So that the various phytochemicals of the plants from which the oils are obtained can also be absorbed through the skin, it is particularly important that a high-quality, vegetable oil is used as a carrier. Only vegetable oils are absorbed into the skin, mineral ones Massage Oils lie permanently on the skin like a film! Furthermore, it is important to only use natural essential oils so that the aromatherapy effect is ensured. It has not yet been fully scientifically deciphered which substances in the essential oils have an effect on the body. However, it is assumed that it is the interplay of all secondary plant substances in the oil and not an isolated ingredient. Therefore, no nature-identical or even artificial essential oil may be used for the aromatic massage! The use of non-pure natural essential oils is also not advisable if you want to achieve success in aromatherapy. Depending on the complaints or wishes of the customer, individually suitable, natural essential oils are then selected and mixed with the massage oil. In addition, the selected essential oil can also be vaporized in a fragrance lamp. Important: essential oils are irritating to the skin and must therefore never be used undiluted!

Effect of the aromatic massage

In aromatherapy, many ailments can be alleviated through the action of essential oils. In combination with a massage, some complaints can be treated twice as well. These include:

Aromatic massage

  • headache
  • fatigue
  • Stress
  • sleep disorders
  • muscle tension
  • nervousness
  • respiratory diseases
  • indigestion

This massage can be carried out as a full or partial body massage. This depends on the customer's complaints and the desired duration of the massage. However, the longer the essential oils have to reach the organism through the skin, the more effective the treatment. If the aroma massage is used with medical massage techniques, it can have a healing effect. In combination with a soothing wellness massage, the focus is on relaxation. Interested parties should therefore always inquire which massage technique is used before an aroma massage!

Aromatic massage in the mobile massage

The aroma massage is very good for that mobile massage suitable. Especially at Office or event massages Vitalizing, refreshing and invigorating essential oils are recommended. This includes:Aromatic massage 2

  • peppermint
  • eucalyptus
  • menthol
  • Orange
  • lemon

A neck massage or massage of the shoulders with refreshing essential oils makes you awake and relaxed at the same time. A refreshing break from everyday work with a mobile massage!

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