Attention Stuttgart! Massages in the bar on weekends

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Attention Stuttgart

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Do you want to do something good for yourself, but don't have much time? Combine the weekend beer with a little massage. Do you feel like it? You will find our masseurs from neckAttack on Thursday from 20 p.m. in Kap Tormentoso in Stuttgart or on Saturday in Moes Isley from 00 p.m. - Dania looks forward to seeing you. The massage is offered on site and is therefore the ideal companion to your drink. Dania massages you through the clothes for 20-00 minutes and they give her what the massage was worth to you.

Since we often run different tours every week, it is best to make an appointment for a massage to make sure that you will meet us. If you want to be delighted by our mobile massage team in Stuttgart this week, you have 4 evenings to choose from.

On Wednesday evening you can find Dania and Anja in the bars along Theodor-Heuss-Straße. Miriam and Jelka offer their mobile massage service in the Kostbar or in the Marshal Matt and look forward to your visit! On Thursday even 3 of our teams are on the road in Stuttgart. So you shouldn't miss the chance of a mobile massage that evening! Our neckAttack masseurs from Stuttgart are very motivated and look forward to cozy evenings, hopefully with good weather!

At our last casting in the "Café Forum”We have four new masseurs for our team mobile massage Stuttgart recruiting who have recommended themselves through skill and charm.

Tizi is currently doing her apprenticeship as a physiotherapist and has already been successfully on tour with us, as well as Lenz and Lisandro, who have been with us several times in the last two weeks.

Kaddy will be out for the first time on Friday and will be back at the start on Saturday. We look forward to welcoming the four to the team and who knows, maybe you will soon get to know our new neckattack masseurs - with a little after-work massage for example.

On the first mild summer evenings, neckattack and the come mobile massage Stuttgart particularly good in downtown Stuttgart. While you enjoy the evening, the air and the cocktail, someone gives you a massage of our wellness masseurs in place. And that's so good! Treat yourself to this experience the next time you meet neckattack. Our masseurs are happy to relax your back and neck. And you pay exactly what it was worth to you. neckattack is back in Stuttgart this week from Wednesday to Saturday. There are Simon, Anja, Cosima, Dania, Pia, Joan, Siri and Hanni. We look forward to these evenings and to you!

Dania massage stuttgart

Our favorite location this month

Until then, we wanted to recommend one of our favorite locations to you and would be happy to recommend it to others.


The "Ribingurumu”- yes, you read it correctly, it's called Ribingurumu -,“ Ribi ”for short, can be found on Theodor-Heuss-Straße in Stuttgart. The “Ribi” has meanwhile developed into one of our favorite places when it comes to massaging one last round and then letting the evening end comfortably. It's not only incredibly cozy there with armchairs, sofas and, if necessary, a screen on which either a classic movie can be seen or a few gamblers can let off steam on the PS3, there are often even live concerts that are really tough! By the way, there is (unanimously decided by the team) what is clearly the best homemade passion fruit spritzer in Stuttgart. You are welcome to take a closer look at what else the bar has to offer and let us relax you in the evening. An absolute highlight, by the way, is the walk to the Stille Örtchen - yes, you read it correctly here too - because depending on the evening you can listen to the jungle book or a yoga class, which definitely adds to the amusement of the guests! As soon as it gets warmer again, you can also sit outside, massage or let yourself be massaged and relax!


Otherwise, on these still quite cold days, we are in our “classic” winter locations, such as the “Le Theater”, the “Amadeus”, the “Enchilada” and many others. As always, we look forward to familiar and new faces and maybe you're lucky and can get a massage from one of our new talents! Anyone who thinks that this would be more for the office, can go straight to "neckattack”Click in and the mobile massage directly into the Office order or persuade his boss to do it.

Favorite massage bar in Stuttgart

Massage not only in bars, but also in the company

Of course, you can also book our masseurs in the company or at any event. Just send us a short email or give us a call - We are pleased to advise you and send you an individual offer.