Lose weight through massage?

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tape measureThe new year is barely a few minutes old, and resolutions for the new year are already being announced. A common resolution - especially when looking back at various high-calorie banquets during the holidays - is to lose weight. Especially at the beginning of the year, “testimonials” and providers are circulating on the Internet who promise to use the right one Massage Enable weight loss. What's behind it?

Naughty marketing strategy

It can be described as "cheeky" when providers claim to drive the patient's fat out of the cells with a special massage. That doesn't work from a medical point of view. Even "massage creams" or "massage belts" do not help in the fight against excess pounds. The only thing thinning with all of these promises is your wallet. Weight reduction works simply because the body receives less energy than it consumes. The energy consumption of the body can be increased considerably through exercise - but not with special fat path massages or massage creams and belts.

Massage can help you lose weight, because:

  • Massage stimulates blood circulation
  • Massage stimulates the metabolism
  • Massage can relieve indigestion
  • Reflexology can help manage feelings of hunger
  • Lymph drainage supports the body in draining

LibraRelaxing massage against frustration

A soothing massage ensures that you relax. Well-being increases and the general body feeling improves. This is of great advantage especially in the course of diets and the unusual sporting activities that often result from them. Rewarding yourself after a strenuous training program with a professional massage replenishes your energy stores and gives you the strength to continue to exercise the necessary discipline to achieve your desired weight. Especially by reducing stress, massages can play an important part in intensifying the weight-reducing effects of regular exercise and long-term dietary changes. Stress leads to the formation of the hormone cortisol, which slows down metabolism and digestion. The less cortisol the body produces, the more effectively it can digest the food it eats. Since increased stress also promotes food cravings and frustration, regular massages can help to show the necessary restraint.

SportMassage supports muscle building

A gain in muscle mass increases the basal metabolic rate and ensures that more calories are burned during everyday movements. It is therefore essential during a diet to maintain muscle mass and to strengthen and build it through exercise or exercise. Dieters suffer especially at the beginning of one Sports program often the almost insurmountable hurdle to get used to the movement or to enjoy it. With an accompanying massage relaxed, well-perfused and strengthened muscular system, every physical activity is more fun. This makes it easier to get through the initial phase, increases motivation and makes it easier to muster the discipline to be active in the long term.

So it is not possible to melt body fat through mysterious massage techniques. However, massage can support weight loss in a meaningful way!

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