5 reasons why companies should like mobile massage

company massage 101As a self-employed masseur, you often find yourself in situations in which, in addition to the actual provision of physiotherapy services, a certain amount of commercial activity is in the foreground: advertising, accounting, personnel management and finally also selling. But selling is not for everyone. In the following article, we will give you 5 important sales arguments that you, as a self-employed masseur, can bring to your business customers if you mobile massage want to offer for their employees.

1.) Tax advantages of mobile massage for the workplace (Office massage)

If an employer contributes to the costs for the company health promotion according to § 20a SGB V, the associated expenses of up to 500 euros per year are tax-free and tax-free, per employee! (finanzen.net, 2012) - If you want to read more about it, you will find further details on this topic in the “Prevention Guide”, which was published by the working group of the umbrella associations of health insurance companies.

2.) Employee loyalty through rewards - workplace massage as a bonus

For years the catchphrase has haunted the press like a ghost: shortage of skilled workers. Engineers, IT specialists and managers in particular are in great demand. There is even talk of the “war of talents” and good staff for retail is also slowly becoming scarce. Vacancies cost companies a lot of money. But even if companies are lucky enough to have successfully filled all positions at the moment, this does not have to be permanent - what if the skilled workers transfer to other companies?

According to Employee Binding.info, a specialist company that supports companies in the acquisition and retention of skilled workers, almost 2 million German citizens will retire from working life in the next 5 to 4 years alone.
and only 2 million young people enter the world of work. So there will be a total of 5 million employees short in 1,5 years: every fifth position can no longer be filled (Employee Binding.info, 2013).

So it is more important than ever to be able to at least keep good staff. But how do you best bind high-performing employees to your own company? The answer is obvious: make yourself as attractive as possible as a company. An employee wants to be rewarded for good performance. Rewards, in turn, create new motivation. Workplace massages are an excellent way to give high-performing employees motivating awards.

3) Minimizing sickness levels massage_ urgent_required01

In 2013, the Techniker Krankenkasse determined that almost a third of employed men and women assume that their health will be endangered by their job (Health Report 2013). In particular, this is probably due to the increasing number of computer workstations. Because the most common causes of health impairments include diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
A modern computer workstation can cause chronic bad posture, muscle diseases, tension and migraines. The consequences are not only limited to the damage to the health of employees. Absenteeism due to illness costs German companies a lot of money.

Overall, they burden companies with 55 million days of absence per year. That is 14 days of absence from work per employee per year. A company with 5 employees is confronted with an average of 70 days of absenteeism due to illness every year (Health Report 2013). In particular, preventive measures that support health, such as workplace massage or mobile massage, can save a company huge sums of money.

4) Positive public relation - company health management through mobile workplace massage as a PR instrument

Mobile massage or workplace massage can be seen as a typical component of corporate health management, which means the “systematic and sustainable endeavor to design structures and processes that are conducive to health, and also to the
health-promoting qualification of employees ”(Expert Commission 2004).

A company that takes care of its employees is generally perceived more positively from the outside. An improvement in the external image of a company, in turn, has a number of positive effects. It creates trust with customers, suppliers, banks and other interest groups that are important for the success of the company.

Active corporate health management using mobile massage for the workplace can be used as a cost-effective PR tool for a company.

The points mentioned above are of course only a small selection of arguments that can help you as an independent masseur to offer mobile massage as a workplace massage to companies. Do you have any other powerful arguments of your own? Share your experiences with us and your colleagues. We look forward to your contribution here on the blog.

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