10 reasons why office massage is the best employee retention.

10 reasons why office massages are imperative for your company.

Office massage new 2 employees in Hanover with doroScientist of Oxford University proved again at the end of 2019: those who are happy do their work productively and successfully. Many companies have recognized the advantages of additional offers for their employees. Some even work with specialized feel-good managers. A performance-based payment is one thing. Discounts and health offers, for example an office massage, are booming. Such offers are no "nice to have": They pay off for the company. Employees who enjoy going to work are less likely to be ill and do their jobs with quality, motivation and satisfaction. This results in a clear competitive advantage for the company.

Relax for the working day: the mobile office massage at the workplace

There are plenty of ways you can motivate your employees. Basically, health offers rank first in surveys. These can be discounts in the local fitness club and company-wide health days - or, uncomplicated and inexpensive to book, the relaxing office massage for in between. This gives your team a healthy, feel-good break during the working day.

Those who depend on productive and motivated employees cannot avoid investing in a health-promoting working environment. The mobile office massage as part of the Health promotion provides valuable services here - with comparatively little effort.

And this is how it works: The massage professionals from neckattack come to the company and offer employees neck and back treatments. This can be done either in a separate room or directly at the workplace. The employer defines the rules and framework conditions for the massage activities: You determine how long the treatment lasts, how appointments are organized and whether the massage should take place during the regular break. The neckattack team is happy to provide further information.

Ten reasons why every company should offer office massages

top 10It is important for over 80 percent of German employees to feel comfortable at work. Only then does the desire for a future-proof job arise. A regular office massage contributes to a sustainable feel-good atmosphere in the company. It promotes health, reduces stress, ensures more concentration, motivation, productivity and satisfaction. For employers, office massage is an effective investment in employee labor

  1. Reduction of absent days
  2. Increase of productivity
  3. Increase motivation
  4. higher satisfaction in the company
  5. good image as an employer
  6. Competitive advantages in recruiting
  7. Appreciation for the employees
  8. Increase in loyalty
  9. Reduce fluctuation
  10. sustainable investment in the good reputation

1. The office massage prevents absenteeism and lowers the sickness rate in the company

Sick leave for back problemsHow do you say? Sitting is the new smoking. According to the German Health Insurance (DKV Report 2018), we sit an average of 7,5 hours a day: in the office at work, in the car and in our free time. Those who exercise too little drastically shorten their lifespan. Australian researchers have calculated: One hour in front of the television costs us 22 minutes of life.

One consequence of the lack of exercise: back pain. These are currently the most common reason for employee absenteeism. Details of the DAK health According to the number of sick leave due to back problems in 2019 was 21,2 percent. Psychological stress in the workplace is also increasing. The constant availability, noise, a flood of emails: This makes you sick in the long run and costs the employer a fortune. According to the information service of the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft (Absence Report, published in April 2019), German company bosses had to raise around 2017 billion euros for absent days of their employees in 60.

Tailor-made health care programs prevent costly sick leave. In addition to ergonomic equipment in the workplace with appropriate temperature and light conditions, fitness and exercise courses are now standard in corporate health management. The mobile office massage ideally complements the usual offers. Applied regularly, it promotes back health in the company and, by reducing the number of days absent, proves to be a cost-reducer.

Do the math for yourself: According to statutory health insurance, the sickness rate is currently around 4,34 percent. A company with 20 employees and annual per capita expenditure of around 40.000 euros results in costs of around 34.720 euros. Assuming that the office massage reduces the sickness rate in the company by only half a percentage point, this already results in savings of 4.000 euros.

2. The office massage lets employees work better and more productively

Regular breaks are part of a healthy structure in everyday work. These are prescribed by the legislator, but are often neglected in practice. A study of the Health and Work Initiative found out: A good quarter of those surveyed skipped breaks frequently or even all of the time. That's alarming. Breaks promote concentration, prevent tiredness and are essential for productive work. The office massage creates attractive incentives: Your employees can switch off in between and reduce stress. The office massage is ideal for these relaxation breaks. Quick and uncomplicated on site in the office: work is only interrupted briefly and then continued with renewed vigor. Relaxed and satisfied employees work reliably and with high quality. In studies, the increase in productivity is indicated between twelve and 21 percent. You can easily work out what that means for your economic corporate goal (unless you are doing everything right now): a considerable plus.

Office massages promote back health and reduce absenteeism.

3. + 4. The office massage improves employee motivation and satisfaction

Improvement effects through office massageToday, when choosing an employer, criteria such as position, area of ​​responsibility and salary are not the only important factors. For employees, factors such as work-life balance, home office solutions and special caring services are just as important. Satisfaction with the company and a healthy working atmosphere have a positive effect on motivation and job satisfaction.

5. + 6. The office massage supports the image as an employer and sets standards in recruiting

office massage flat design neckattack02Finding and retaining talent: In times of a shortage of skilled workers, this becomes a challenge for HR managers. Even when looking for trainees, companies outdo each other with enticing offers for the next generation. They offer bonuses, job tickets, attractive discounts and special vacation days. A good image and creativity are required to find employees and to retain them permanently. Often unusual "delicacies" make the difference. The office massage can score points with applicants. This creates competitive advantages in recruiting.

7. The office massage shows employees the appreciation of the boss

A study by StepStone lays down basic rules for employee satisfaction with their workplace. First and foremost, bosses are recommended to treat their employees with respect. This point is crucial. An adequate salary alone is not enough as a sign of [strong] appreciation [/ strong]. In terms of a good corporate culture, respect, tolerance, equality and care are part of it. The latter is reflected in special offers such as an office massage. As an employer, you signal to your team that you strive for the well-being of all.

8. + 9. + 10. The office massage as a means of employee loyalty

Employees who are sure that their employer is valued enjoy coming to work with enthusiasm. Besides, they are loyal and feel committed to their company. As a result, not only does the decrease fluctuation in the company. In addition, your employees speak well about their boss and the company. In times of social media and uncontrollable communication channels, this is extremely important for your good reputation. Your employees are the company's ambassadors, they shape your image in public. Goodies like the uncomplicated office massage prove to be strategic pillars of your corporate communication.


Healthy employees cost money - sick employees a fortune

Small effort, big effect: the office massage as an investment in the future of the company

Employers are well advised to invest in their employees. The following rule of thumb applies: "Healthy employees cost money, sick employees a fortune." You pull together, identify with the company and convey a positive image to the outside world. Both sides benefit from this - employees and employers. The mobile office massage contributes to a healthy and sustainable corporate culture in the long term with little effort. It is not "nice to have" - ​​it is a "must have".



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